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Our Services

We provide wine compliance services with a focus on direct-to-consumer shipping, from licensing and reporting to brand registration and state ROI analysis.

Our close association with the Sovos ShipCompliant platform helps solve accurate beverage compliance tasks through real-time IT technology. We utilize this platform to stay on top of the constantly evolving DtC laws while minimizing risks associated with compliance.

  • Direct Shipper Permitting and Reporting
  • State Sales Tax Returns
  • Federal and State Periodic Reporting and Excise Tax Returns
  • License Renewals and Maintenance
  • National Brand Registrations and Renewals
  • Price Postings
  • Federal Label Approvals (COLAs)
  • Obtaining Surety Bonds
  • Securing Registered Process Agents
  • TTB and Home-State Reporting
  • Alternating Proprietorships
  • Notary Services