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About Wine Stitch

Wine Stitch specializes in wine industry compliance consulting for small to mid-size wineries, tasting rooms and wholesalers. We assist in all areas of winery regulatory compliance to help eliminate some of the frustrations associated with licensing and reporting requirements.

Wine Stitch is based in New York within the heart of Finger Lakes Wine Country and is focusing its efforts in this area given the abundance of small to midsize wineries, vineyards and producers. A destination rich with oenophile tourism, wineries wishing to convert visiting customers into repeat buyers and wine club members by offering direct shipping will be limited without the proper permits and licensing for interstate shipping.

Offering an affordable solution and approachable relationship, our goal is to give winery owners a reliable means to stay on track of direct-to-consumer shipping compliance so they can excel in what they do best: making and selling wine.

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Meet the Founder

Developed by Denise Clappier, Wine Stitch offers wineries the opportunity to ship their product to consumers throughout the United States without worrying about headaches involved in licensing and compliance. Denise’s 20 years of experience in the wine industry inspired her to build this business that connects wineries to consumers and encourages their business growth.

Denise is a life-long resident of New York, and moved from the Hudson Valley to the Finger Lakes region in the summer of 1997. Her venture into the world of wine began in 2001, when she began working at Atwater Estate Vineyards on Seneca Lake. Experiencing the exciting initial stages of the vineyard’s success, Denise had hands-on experience with multiple roles within the vineyard and became responsible for managing several aspects of their operations and growth for over two decades. Her duties ranged from creative collaborations on label and website design, maintenance and implementation of a digital point of sale with wine club capabilities, and navigating a myriad of requirements wineries must adhere to when shipping directly to consumers, particularly outside of New York State.

When Atwater Estate Vineyard was sold in 2021, Denise was given a moment to pause and reflect on what she had learned about the day-to-day business of winery management and ponder her next steps. With her aquired understanding of direct to consumer wine shipping, she became determined to create a company that could help guide local wineries in distributing their product. Thus began her journey of creating Wine Stitch, a niche service within the local wine industry, threading the needle to connect wineries and their consumers.

Denise not only brings her vineyard experience to the table, but also a passion for entrepreneurship and business. Prior to working at the vineyard, Denise ran two businesses. DL Office Services maintained bookkeeping and payroll for small businesses and BDI was a monthly scheduling bidding service for American Airlines flight crew, before the internet became readily accessible.

When she’s not working, Denise finds pleasure in gardening, quilting, and embroidery, and spending time with her husband and grandchildren.